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Yoga poses advanced on This subtle physiology of cakras, nadds and kundalind represents a distinctive tantric development or concept, though a number of scholars have sought to trace them back to earlier ideas, even as far back as the Atharvaveda so far without gaining agreement from many of their colleagues. There is certainly no mention of this scheme in any sruti text.32 Whatever the prehistory of these ideas and practices the tantric movement in general (and therefore these ideas too) seems to have surfaced in Indian literature sometime around the fifth or sixth centuries CE or a little later. A major problem for the historian who is seeking to make sense of tantric yoga is that the subject is deeply mired in controversy; so a warning is in order. Here is Friedhelm Hardy s assessment: It is not just the original meaning of the word tantra which is disputed and far from clear. The nature of the material itself is still extremely obscure and its critical study has only just begun a concept Tantrism (with its related adjective tantric ) has gained great popularity, with its implied assumption that we are dealing here with a well-defined and coherent system of religious ideas and practices. But in reality, no such systematic coherence exists throughout the vast literature of the Tantras. Yoga poses advanced 2016.

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