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So, Why Is This Interesting?

We inherently see the world through our own eyes. Eyes that look outward and are shaped by our experiences, by our priorities, and by our immediate needs. I love this exercise because it fundamentally puts me in a different mindset and challenges me to explore and make myself aware of my surroundings and the profound complexity of what’s otherwise invisible.

On the one hand, it reminds me of how incredible my impact is on those near me. In one afternoon with a backhoe, I have the power to wipe out, reshape, and transform that entire forest meadow. Over time, with the help of a few others, I can create a dam fundamentally re-shaping the path of entire rivers and ecosystems. In doing so, my impact is staggeringly profound and will echo like ripples in a pond for much longer than I would otherwise imagine.

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On the other hand, it reminds me of how minuscule and fleeting my time here is. It is a powerful reminder that despite my ability to change the world around me, I am still every bit as small as that ant. That despite the importance of my daily life, I’m just one of many in an astoundingly large and complex universe.

It also helps me understand just how different the environment, life, culture, and existence is for other people. It allows me to visualize elements of my daily life sitting at a desk in the heart of Copenhagen, while simultaneously attempting to at least expose myself to a crude mental rendering of how that may compare to your experience as you sit reading this text. Or to that of a young child raised in a remote village in rural China.

With that understanding in hand, it also provides me with a strong sense of meaning. I feel this exercise leaves me with a much richer understanding of life and a feeling of significance. True, it makes me feel small especially when I try and add the dimension of time to it. But, it also helps me understand that my actions do have an impact and have the potential to resonate, quite literally changing the world around me.

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