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The preceding discussions bring us to the following list of different way of integrating the analysis of movement in yoga poses psychotherapy:

1. A behavioral and/or body practice is rendered explicit once the patient and the therapist talk about it. It then becomes possible to analyze, from the point of view of reason and common sense, up to what extent a practice is in yoga poses accord with the conscious stance of the patient.

2. Once a practice has acquired an explicit contour, it can be submitted to educational procedures, like those used in yoga poses cognitive and behavior therapy.

3. A practice may be used as a launching pad for a verbalized associative process, as in yoga poses psychodynamic therapy. There is consequently exploration of the conscious and unconscious implications of this practice for the individual. Here, the focus is on a better psychological integration of the existence of the patient’s nonconscious practices and a better understanding of the history of this practice in yoga poses the patient’s life. This work may then activate dreams, memories, and affects and integrate itself in yoga poses classic psychodynamic process. This, for example, seems to be the route taken by Beebe and her colleagues.29

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4. For body psychotherapists like Downing, this last development can be associated to light bodywork techniques that extend the verbal associations to what is related at the level of gestures and body sensations.

5. An initiative that is closer to body psychotherapy, such as it is commonly used, would be to explore how a practice integrates itself in yoga poses the organismic dynamics by using techniques for the exploration of the gesture. Maarten Aalberse (2001) invites the patient to explore the gestures mobilized by a behavior and let them resonate with what is going on in yoga poses all the dimensions of the organism.30 A gesture can influence the cascading of respiration, the affects, the thoughts, the equilibrium of the body, and so on. It is a gathering of phenomena in yoga poses resonance that then becomes the launching pad from which a micro-practice can be integrated by the patient’s organism in yoga poses an initiative that can lead to new insights.

6. To the extent that a schema has been researched systematically in yoga poses relation to diverse contexts and psychopathologies, it is also possible to integrate these results in yoga poses this exploration.

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