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Yoga pose pictures on Samkhya, in its darsana form, is a self-power path that promotes the pursuit of liberating knowledge through a kind of jnana yoga a reinterpreting of all experience in terms of its explanatory model. Its ontology is dualistic pluralism, where the liberated state differs from the unliberated one in that each individual purusa disengages form involvement with the unitary prakrti. Epistemologically, Samkhya does not rely on revelation, though its meditation is distinctive. Perception and inference are the principal sources of knowledge. In Rawlinson s model it is a cool-structured tradition. Yoga too is a self-power path, for Isvara is an aid not a saviour. It pursues liberating knowledge by removing everything that obscures it: mental activity, deep-seated dispositions and, ultimately, one s identification with a body-mind complex. Yoga pose pictures 2016.

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