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Yoga pose lotus on Dharma language, by contrast, restricts itself to what can be experienced. One drawback with this kind of analysis, as was mentioned above, is that it tends towards depersonalization and the danger that compassion might be lost. The Madhyamakas saw another danger too: the danger of simply shifting thing language from selves to dharmas. The Buddha s teaching on dependent origination (pratitya samutpada) precluded this, claimed the Madhyamakas. Nothing, they pointed out, not even dharmas, has self-existence or an essential nature (svabhava). Everything is dependently arisen and interconnected; nothing exists independently of the conditions that surround it. In this analysis, the notions of being (sat) and its synonyms atman and brahman as found in the Upanisads are seen to be misguided and to lead to bondage rather than release. Yoga pose lotus 2016.

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