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Yoga pose fish on 52 The awakened ones have realized this and uprooted the fundamental ignorance of self-belief, of the self-other (atman-dharma) distinction and see the world as it really is (yatha-bhuta). Whereas the ordinary person s knowledge is vikalpa (conceptual, mentally constructed) rather than direct, the awakened person s knowledge is nirvikalpa (non-conceptual). It is devoid (sunya) of thought constructions; it is no-mind (acitta). Fundamental to the attainment of such awakening is the process of asraya paravrtti (the revolution of the foundation) or alaya paravrtti (the revolution of the storehouse). These are transformations in what the Yogacara teachers call the storehouse consciousness (alaya vijnana). Although not totally absent from earlier Buddhist writings, this teaching about the alaya vijnana was most fully developed by Asanga. In his Abhidharmasamuccaya he divides the vijnana skhandha (fifth of the five skhandhas, components of the person) into three parts: citta, manas and vijnana. Yoga pose fish 2016.

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