Yoga Plank Pose

Stand naturally and get tall while Yoga Plank Pose breathing rhythmically

Breathe in: one-and-two-and-three – pause as you lift left leg. Concentrate on getting taller.

Breathe out: one-and-two-and-three, replacing left foot at end of count. Concentrate on leg’s heaviness and lack of tension compared with right leg also be some wobbling at the ankle or knee of the right leg.

Allow the leg to return to the floor.

Repeat three to five times with the left leg. As you get used to this, concentrate on getting taller with each leg raise, and as the leg is replaced concentrate on its heaviness and lack of tension compared with the right leg’s tense and active condition as it strains to keep your balance.

Next, repeat with the other leg. Right-handed people will find that standing on the left leg is more difficult, and more wobbling will be evident until the toes learn to get a better grip on the floor and the muscles learn to compensate.

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