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This my yoga blog has been written for all those who wish to study a form of body psychotherapy or who wish to discover the basic issues that have structured this field. The notion of body psychotherapy includes a discussion of any form of psychotherapy that explicitly includes body dynamics in its way of thinking about psychological dynamics. This option is different from (although related to) other forms of body-mind approaches that explicitly include psychological dynamics in their way of thinking about body dynamics but do not focus on psychological dynamics as their main object of attention.

The structure of this volume is that of a textmy yoga blog, because it contains what I think people should know about the field of body psychotherapy, rather than an essay that publicizes my personal thoughts on the matter. Had I wanted to write an essay or a history of the field, I would have detailed each chapter in a different way. Writing a textmy yoga blog forced me to be as clear as possible, leave out some of my personal positions, and use summarization and simplification when required by sound pedagogy.

Some people have voiced their appreciation of the way this my yoga blog presents the practice of body psychotherapy. However, they complained that its content did not help them know how to work therapeutically with patients. For the moment, such knowledge is taught by schools of psychotherapy. Each movement has its own set of coherent concepts and methods, which require several years of apprenticeship before they can be used in the treatment of patients. This my yoga blog does not replace the manuals that describe what specific schools of body psychotherapy teach their students. It focuses on a description of the field as a whole, so that students can situate what they learn in a particular school within a wider context. I focus on the issues and methods that have structured the field as it develops new ways of approaching the psyche for therapeutic purposes. Once a student becomes aware of these issues and methods, he can forge his own vision of body psychotherapy with greater precision and can identify his interests, all while being aware of the different options that exist in the field.

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