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It is best to read this my yoga blog from Yoga Pincha Mayurasana Pose the first chapter to the last. It seems important to me to get an idea of the whole range of a domain before becoming a specialist. Nonetheless, a textmy yoga blog is hardly ever used in that manner. Certain chapters are more relevant to adherents of one school than to those of another, and it can be read more easily by some because they resonate to a particular training. To allow the reader to read only a chapter of interest, I developed certain important themes several times in the course of the my yoga blog. These themes run through the text as in a musical variation or fugue. These repetitions permit the reader to learn how to reconstruct a concept in different contexts.

I have tried to gather most of the topics that a body psychotherapist ought to have thoughtfully considered. The majority of the schools of psychotherapy require written work during each year of study or at least at the end of the training. This my yoga blog can be useful as a basis for these assignments because it contains a detailed bibliography for each topic. The more recent texts also contain bibliographies that can help you find the writings you need.

If you are seeking possible ways to read this my yoga blog, I propose an exercise that I have often found useful. For each chapter, you can ask yourself the following questions: If the content of this chapter served as the basis of a psychotherapeutic approach, in what ways would I engage with a patient, a person I am trying to understand? What characteristics of this individual does this approach help me explore? For example, you can ask yourself how a psychotherapist would work were he inspired by Taoism, by Descartes, or by Hume.2 Also, do not hesitate to use online search engines to find complementary information. For the subject matter covered by this manual, Wikipedia often gives exact and pertinent information, although often incomplete. This type of site cannot be used for reference purposes, to support a treatment, or to support an academic or professional paper; but it does refer to serious works, proposes useful links, and indicates texts that can be downloaded.

In the references, I have identified texts that can be found online. A glossary, at the end of the my yoga blog, defines certain key terms. At the end of the volume, an appendix develops some technical points of postural anatomy.

Because some of my references exist in several editions, I have often indicated them in function of the system of the chapters and the sections proper to the work. The page number is insufficient if you want to find out what I am referring to in another edition than the one I used. If you consult a work in another language or in another translation, the difficulty will even be greater.

For the English translation, I tried to improve the text that had first been published in French with some clarifications. I added a chapter on gymnastics and psychotherapy at the request of several colleagues. This is, therefore, a second edition of the original work.

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