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Yoga picture on Thus, despite being a distinctive product of Indian culture, traditional yoga is also an activity that is intelligible, with a bit of effort, to all human beings. It has a universal aspect. Modern yoga has developed out of traditional Indian yoga and much of this development has occurred through the mixing of Indian ideas and practices with others that were imported from outside. This book has not addressed the emergence of these synthetic yogas in any detail, but Mark Singleton s Yoga Body does. His focus in that work is what he variously calls modern transnational yoga, transnational Anglophone yoga and transnational postural yoga. His main claim, expressed in various ways, is that: in spite of the immense popularity of postural yoga worldwide, there is little or no evidence that asana (excepting certain seated postures of meditation) has ever been a primary aspect of any Indian yoga practice tradition including the medieval, body-oriented hatha yoga in spite of the self-authenticating claims of many modern yoga schools The primacy of asana performance in transnational yoga today is a new phenomenon that has no parallel in premodern times.1 and modern postural orthopraxis does not really resemble the yoga forms from which it claims to derive. Yoga picture 2016.

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