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Yoga Pics on Although we can learn a lot from such modelling, real life is usually more complex and when even minor modifications are made to the tournament rules (the environment) other strategies can defeat tit-for-tat. Note that tit-for-tat is far from being a perfect strategy for harmonious social living. It can easily get stuck in vendetta-type retaliation loops that are highly destructive. Like individual bodies, social groups require continual adjustment in order to attain the social equivalent of homeostasis. On the other hand, simple homeostasis is not the best we can do. History shows us that we can and sometimes do improve our lives in many ways.81 How best to go about that task of life improvement? We now come to the third question I posed above: in what ways do answers to the question what kind of creatures are we? provide guidance on how best to organize our lives so that we flourish? I find Matt Ridley s simple heuristic on improvement quite useful: specialize and exchange. Yoga Pics 2016.

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Yoga Pics

Yoga Pics

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