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Yoga physical health benefits for The focus on specific kin also distinguishes ancestor worship as a specific form of religious practice from general ancestor worship in a culture, in which ancestors in other forms ghosts, shadows, spirits, totems, and souls are worshiped. This general form is found in all cultures, while ancestor worship is practiced in only some cultures cross-cultural surveys indicate that ancestor worship is part of the religious system of about percent of cultures.

Second, the underlying belief in ancestor worship is that deceased ancestors take an interest in and can influence the lives of their living descendants. Third, the worship of ancestors is an obligatory activity that differs in intensity, degree, and duration from religious rites associated with death and afterlife. Although in nearly all cultures the death of kin is an important matter and attended to with religious ritual, ancestor worship is not practiced in all cultures.

For example, the Garo of India acknowledge the death of kin through the erection of shrines and the carving of memorial posts, but they do not believe that ancestors can influence the lives of their living descendants and make no effort to influence them ritually. Similarly, the major Western religions do not include ancestor worship, although in major Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism ancestors are worshiped in a limited way. Yoga physical health benefits photos, Yoga physical health benefits 2016.

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