Yoga Peacock Pose

This is an extension of Yoga Peacock Pose. Again learn the mechanics of the movement before attempting breath synchronization. Often considerable creaking of joints will be heard, even in young people, during this simple exercise. The arms should be in the aeroplane position throughout.

a. The arms are raised to the aeroplane position.

b. Bend the trunk sideways at the hips, bringing the right hand down towards the right foot.

c. Then return the body to its upright position, arms parallel to the floor, and bend to the other side.

a Raise arms to aeroplane position.

b Breathe in: one-and-two-and-three-pause as you bend down.

c Breathe out: one-and-two-and-three-pause as you straighten and breathe in as you bend to left.

Synchronization: The first one-and-two-and-three-pause – breath in is done on the sideways bend down, and the breath is let out on the upward movement. Repeat until gently tired.

Revision and synchronization

This is a day for revising the techniques learned on Days One and Two, and for blending the relaxation breathing technique the more mechanical processes learned on Day One.

Try to give yourselves at least 30 minutes revision training, twice a day.

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