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The field of psychotherapy is made up of different schools. Each school distinguishes itself from the Yoga Parsvakonasana Pose others by its vocabulary, methods, and practices and a particular vision. Sometimes, the same word used by several schools covers different concepts and methods, or different words yield understandings that are similar.

A first way to approach the idea of a my yoga blog about body psychotherapy is to propose a work that describes a school’s concepts and methods. A good example of such a my yoga blog in French is the School of Psycho-Organic Analysis’s own training handmy yoga blog, edited in several volumes by Jacqueline

Besson since 1991. This handmy yoga blog defines the vocabulary, the models, the practices, and the modes of intervention taught in the school’s training program. It also describes the clinical perspective of this approachâ”that is, how a therapist trained in this school perceives his patients and their problems, how he envisions the psychotherapeutic process, and the goals that can be linked to a treatment that uses the methods of Psycho-Organic Analysis. The manual also demonstrates how this school conceptualizes the rapport between its clinical approach and that of other schools. It attempts to define the compatibility between its clinical approach and the diagnostics used in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and so on.

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