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To interact with each other, the dimensions need to interact with the mechanisms that connect them: the organismic regulation systems (see fig. 1.1). The activity of these organismic mechanisms is often partially perceived as an affect (mood, emotion, drive, addiction, internal atmosphere, etc.) by consciousness. Because the organismic mechanisms of regulation function as a system, they are equally influenced by what occurs in each subsystemâ”that is, in the dimensions. Here are examples of the most important organismic regulation systems:

1. The autonomous, central, and peripheral nervous systems.

2. The cardiovascular system.

3. The internal and external respiratory system.

4. The hormonal system, which includes the action of neurotransmitters.

5. The immune system, which is notably set in action in a state of stress.

The homeostatic mechanisms prolong the metabolic dynamics by mobilizing the resources of the organism to regulate the vital variables of the extracellular fluids. These are already complex organismic mechanisms because they coordinate metabolic dynamics with the other dimensions and guide the interaction between the organism and its environment. A typical example is that of the construction of houses, clothing, and the heating systems used to maintain the body’s metabolic temperature at around 36°C.

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