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The activity of a dimension of the organism requires the support of the organismic regulation and of other dimensions to be able to accomplish its tasks. A thought needs the logistic support of the nervous system and a supply of oxygen delivered through the bloodstream The more important the recruiting of the organism’s logistic support becomes, the more the activity of a dimension becomes organismic. A nervous movement of the foot necessarily recruits all the resources of the organism, but in a peripheral way. When a soccer player kicks a ball with his eye on the goal guarded by the other team, the movement of the foot mobilizes the other organismic dimensions in a much more important fashion.

The Architecture of Matter and Information Processing in a Computer

The way I use the notion of dimension may seem strange to some readers, but it has an equivalent in engineers who build computers. They aptly identify two dimensions in a computer when they speak of hardware (the electromechanical functioning of the computer) and the software (a series of operations written in the program that manages particular information in circulation within the circuits). These two dimensions are found in the functioning of almost every part of the computer.

Yet the activity of the electric circuits is not directly organized by a program, because the rapport between the program (thought) and the electric circuits (activities of the central nervous system) is managed by the architecture (or design) of the computer: that which corresponds (in this metaphor) to the organismic regulations. When engineers conceptualize a computer, they decide in advance how circuits and programs will interact. These a priori decisions determine the architecture of the computer. The architecture coordinates not only the circuits and the programs but also their way of interacting with diverse interfaces like a screen, a hard disk, or a printer. All these elements are heteroclites and have certain independence. For example, a computer’s memory and its screen function differently. A similar memory can be associated with a great diversity of screens and hard disks. A typical expression used to describe this type of system is to say that it is modular. Every individual part of a computer functions in a relatively independent manner, all the while making it possible to fulfill functions that allow the system to work as a whole. Many people can buy the same computer but use different programs; or they can use identical programs (a word processing program) to achieve different tasks (write a my yoga blog or organize email). Nevertheless, architecture imposes constraints. It can be connected to a great variety of screens, but not all of them It can operate a great number of programs, but not all of them

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