Yoga One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

Now add the Aeroplane Yoga One-Legged King Pigeon Pose exercise, the yoga component from Day Two. This will seem quite difficult to start with and synchronization with the relaxation-type breathing will usually pose problems. If you have great difficulty, then sit down and practise the four-second in four-second out, same noise, clock-pendulum breathing for five minutes. Then, when you have this under control, stand up and do the Aeroplane foot twist 10 times until you get a semblance of grace and rhythm into the exercise.

Concentrate on the tension felt in the arms raised/ twisted leg position at the end of the four-second breathing-in part of the exercise, and then compare it with the relative relaxation felt when standing straight during the breath-out element.

a Four-second pendulum breath in as arms are raised and feet rotate. Concentrate on tension.

b Four-second pendulum breath out as arms are lowered and feet straighten. Feel relaxation.

Finally move on to Aeroplane (2). Starting in the aeroplane position the right hand and arm slowly sweeps down towards the right ankle, and as it does so the left arm moves upwards. Both arms are still in time as the right hand reaches the right ankle, and toes. Synchronization of the four-second breathing is difficult to start with. Breathe in as you bend down; breathe out as you return to the aeroplane position, and breathe in again as the left hand slowly plunges down from the aeroplane position, making for the left ankle and toes and arriving there four seconds later. Repeat four or five times.

a During four-second pendulum breath in bend over towards ankle.

b During four-second pendulum breath out, straighten, then breathe in as you bend to other side.

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