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Yoga on netflix for I hope you see the special report on this we’re going to put in Business Week, because you’ll be surprised at who is using PCs, and who is very desirous of using your technology out there. MR. GATES I think I am a big believer in PCs. Applause. QUESTION Why do we have to choose between investing in a malaria cure as opposed to working to close the digital divide? I mean, especially in your case, you’ve got the foundation, you’ve got the company foundation, you’ve got your personal foundation, your company foundation, and then also corporate activity on a for profit basis, all of these things could be turned to both of these purposes, couldn’t they? MR. GATES Well, certainly if you take there can be parallel investments, and there should be parallel investments. I am suggesting that if somebody is interested in equity that you wouldn’t spend more than percent of your time talking about access to computers, that you’d get back to literacy and health and things like that. Yoga on netflix photos, Yoga on netflix 2016.

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