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Yoga on bed on In a nutshell, jnana yoga, insofar as it is an activity at all, involves accepting a particular vision or model of reality as the true one and then re-interpreting all one s experiences in such a manner as they come to be understood in terms of the vision/model rather than phenomenologically, i.e. as they appear. We may also note that Sankara s brahman has a great deal in common with the purusa of Samkhya. However, since brahman is the sole existent, prakrti has to be illusory instead of real, as she is in Samkhya and Yoga. On my reading of the Upanisads, atman/brahman transforms itself (parinama) into the universe, which is, therefore, real in its substance though ephemeral in its manifestations. The images of gold being made into jewellery, clay being made into pots, the web coming out of a spider, hair coming out of the head and sparks from a fire all support this understanding. Yoga on bed 2016.

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