When we think of kindness, both in giving and receiving, it is often the little things we remember the most. You dropped a coin from your pocket and someone picked it up and offered it back to you. You were lost and someone came up to you and asked if you needed help. You were met with a smile by a passerby or a stranger opened a door for you. These small actions reaped large rewards.

There is actually a biological effect that occurs when we experience generosity. Generosity releases a hormone called oxytocin, which reduces stress and facilitates bonding. Basically, it makes us feel good. Luckily, we get such a kick from even small amounts of connection that filling our oxytocin bank is easier than we think. It isn’t dependent on just receiving kindness or generosity, quite often the very act of being kind and generous fills our oxytocin bank abundantly.


So here are a few ideas for random acts of kindness you can practice in your daily Ufe to help fill your oxytocin bank and change the face of London, or the city you live in.

London receives worldwide visitors all the time. If you see someone struggling with their luggage on the underground offer to help carry their bag up or down the stairs. If they look lost, take a moment to offer them some guidance. When we connect with others and offer our kindness we enable everyone involved to tap into their true nature.

Thank your bus driver or smile at the tube driver as they pull into the station. Acknowledge the people whose job it is to help us get around London. We are often in such a hurry that we forget to be grateful for the service that people provide us with that support our daily lives. When we practise gratitude life feels more abundant.

Strike up a conversation with someone that is serving you whether it’s at the grocery store, the bank, the post office or the like. Ask them how their day is going Offer them a smile. When we engage we feel human again.

Help an elderly person up the stairs, off the train or across the road safely. When we support and honour our elders we honour the natural evolution of life. One day we will wish the same for ourselves. We cannot forget that all parts of society are important and to neglect one part is to neglect the whole.

These ideas are all free so it costs us nothing. The only price we pay is when we close ourselves up to the opportunity of living and being in our true essence. May we find the courage to step into our true essence of kindness and tap into the generosity inherent in us all.

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