Yoga Noose Pose

What you are doing There is nothing related to magic in these exercises. All they do is slowly teach a discipline of relaxation through breathing and movement. They condition the body to stop thinking while the new relaxation type breathing is being accepted by the mind and body.

Autogenic component

Repeat the Day One procedure Yoga Noose Pose. The mantra component is entirely variable and optional. On Day One I suggested ‘I am relaxed and at peace with myself. It can just as easily be ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God’ or ‘Gentle Jesus meek and mild, or a suitable short but intrinsically powerful repeated phrase from a Vedic scripture. The purpose of the mantra is to learn a technique of redirecting the thoughts away from problem-solving or intrusive daydreams. It really says, ‘I dismiss everyday problems – I am at peace with myself. (See also Post 3.)

The following simple yoga exercises are carried out in such a way that each manoeuvre can be matched to a four-second controlled breath.

a. Sit on the floor with your back resting against the

b. As you start your four-second breath in, reach forward with your arms and grasp your toes or ankles as you come to full inspiration (pendulum).

c. Then pause to allow your head to fall into the space between your legs.

d. As the pendulum starts to move again, gradually.

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