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Yoga nidra youtube for This disclosure of information aims at fulfilling social expectations regarding transparency and accountability. Another example, which illustrates corporate efforts to fulfill the discretionary responsibility, is the participation of some corporations in initiatives to improve social welfare. Through these programs, corporations help to promote and achieve desired social goals. Perhaps one of the most well known programs of this type is the anti-AIDS campaign RED. Through participating in RED, corporations donate a portion of their profits from RED-designated products toward an effort to combat AIDS in Africa. In contrast to CSR, corporate social irresponsibility CSI refers to practices that are immoral in nature and that utilize manipulation and deception to advance corporate interests. Deception denotes all deliberate efforts to mislead, while manipulation refers to activities that aim to change behavior or opinion by means that may or may not be legal but are less than ethical. Yoga nidra youtube photos, Yoga nidra youtube 2016.

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