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Yoga nidra health benefits for For example, the Ainu of northern Japan traditionally believed that animals, plants, and objects such as clothing, weapons, tools, and tents possessed a soul in addition to the objectsphysical qualities. In addition to the soul, all living things and all features of nature such as lakes, mountains, the sun, the moon, and stars were also thought to possess a supernatural force that owned or possessed the object and resided within it. These possessors could be male or female and good or bad. When in contact with the animal, plant, or object, and especially when using it, the Ainu prayed, made offerings, or adhered to the appropriate ritual behavior in order to please the possessors so that the possessor and the souls of the animals and objects would continue to be benevolent toward humans. Ainu animism suggests a number of basic features ANIMISM ANIMISM of animism in general the supernatural forces inhabiting animals, plants, and objects are usually conceptualized as spirits or souls they are believed to be embodied in specific objects they are not personified although they may be categorized as male or female they are believed to influence human affairs and they are believed to be responsive to human religious behavior meant to influence them. This behavior, in the form of prayer, offerings, and adherence to ritual is meant to keep benevolent souls and spirits satisfied and to placate potentially harmful ones. The association of animism with a huntinggathering subsistence economy is apparently a reflection of environmental uncertainty in hunter-gatherer societies. Yoga nidra health benefits photos, Yoga nidra health benefits 2016.

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