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He is therefore present in animate as well as inanimate creation and constitutes the core of their being. For the concept of Mulsa see chapter 11 in the The Philosophy of Sicilians by the author. The Supreme Lord, assuming the form of different kinds of subjects and abjects of enjoyment, is said to exist on the various levels of creation. For details of the nature of these levels, the tatti

Chakravarty University, 1977, translated by the author. The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir hold the view that each level of creation existing within the pure and the impure regions is governed by a presiding deity {ildhikilrikil devatd who is chosen by the Supreme Lord from among the subjects existing on those particular levels. These deities, referred to here as Rudras, function as the instruments of the divine will of the Supreme Lord, who is said to function through his agents on the different levels of creation. The entire universe is said to exist at the very beginning, before manifestation, in the supreme Subject, the Supreme Lord as a cosmic idea in his mirror of consciousness. The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir hold the view that existence and revelation go hand in hand. Whatever has existence is necessarily either self-revealed or capable of being revealed to the cognising Self. The subject is always self-revealed. Objects, also of the nature of illumination, are not self-revealed, but are revealed by the light of the cognising Self, when thev come in contact with the illumination-nature of the Self.

The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir consider the possession of unrestricted divine power svilantrya £akti and free will sunlantrtt icchU as the two distinguishing characteristics of the supreme Lord. Thev consider these to be the essence of the supreme Lord’s divinity aiivaryn and an inalienable form of his essence. From the functioning of his divine freedom, he is said to have the self-experience as ahum the pure I. The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir mention two kinds of self-experience by a fettered man, one as the ego ahamkilra, another as the pure’T fittntaham. The self-experience as the ego arises from the false identification of the physical body or any of its constituents with the Self, whose true nature is hidden by the veil of ignorance mtlytl enveloping him.

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