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It is a state of total unawareness quite different from voidness. Their experience is of deep dreamless sleep. When their state of disso’ntion comes to an end they acquire an appropriate body and are then known as sakalas, and they have the potential to move downwards, toward the level of prakrti or its evolutes. The sakala subjects are embodied beings who exist on the levels below’ the prakrti tattva. These subjects are cloaked by all three of the defilements, the anava, mayiya, and karma malas.

As bound beings paius they experience the multiplicity of the world manifestation and have the self-experience of discreteness and limitation. The sakala subjects are eight kinds of superhuman beings, including gods and semi-divine beings, human beings, and five kinds of subhuman creatures. Both superhuman and subhuman beings are cloaked by the three kinds of defilements, but they possess different kinds of physical bodies according to their deeds performed in past lives. These bodies are the vehicles for enjoying the world through their senses and are called bhcga-deha bodies for enjoyment. Though they continue performing actions in their present lives, they do not identify with their physical bodies and therefore have no ego sense and the residual impressions of the deeds they perform do not cling to them.

Hence all their activities are guided by instinct, in the background of which lies the will of the supreme Lord. Such embodied beings exist in their superhuman or subhuman state as long as the accumulated fruits of their past deeds are not fully exhausted. Human beings on the other hand occupy a unique position among the embodied beings. They are enwrapped by the three kinds of defilements but they have the unique privilege of being able to evolve upwards into higher levels of existence or to descend into the lower levels as a result of the deeds they perform in this present lifetime. Thus temporarily they may become gods, demi-gods, or animals.

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