Yoga Mudra For Back Pain Acceptance

Several years ago, Spencer was involved in an unfortunate accident while Christmas shopping in a department store. A mishap with the escalator caused the 45-year-old man to fall backward and land on his tailbone, which triggered severe back pain. Despite many types of treatment, Spencer’s back pain did not completely resolve. This really started to bug him several months after the accident, especially because he felt others were to blame for his problem.

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Spencer was determined that something had to be done to eliminate his back pain; there was no way he was going to let things continue as they were. During the next seven years, he underwent five back surgeries to fix his problems and wipe out his pain. When the first two failed, he changed doctors, hoping someone else could do a better job. Unfortunately, the more surgeries he underwent, the more problems he developed. Now Spencer takes three potent pain killers and spends most of his time lying flat on his back. He lost his job because he was off work for so long. He is depressed about how things turned out, but still believes he can find a doctor who can put him back together again.

Spencer has not been able to accept the consequences of the accident that injured his back. And his resistance has caused him more pain and suffering than the accident itself because it has led to more anger, agitation, anxiety, and depression. Many patients like Spencer make the mistake of thinking that acceptance of a chronic pain problem is a form of surrender; it’s letting the pain win. But this is simply not true!

Think of resistance as a heavy yoke on your shoulders. The heavier the load, the more your muscles have to strain to bear the weight. Resilience, on the other hand, can be compared to leaving that heavy burden behind. Acceptance of change, of the ups and downs of life, actually lightens your load. So if you feel stuck and unable to progress, think about how this battle between resilience and resistance may be affecting you. What have you accepted and what are you resisting? How can you reframe your thoughts and release yourself from unnecessary pain?

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