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Yoga moves on At the same time, as Richard Dawkins points out, Associations of mutual benefit will evolve if each partner gets more out than he puts in.73 But, he says, problems arise if there is a delay between the giving of a favour and its repayment.74 So, what needs to be in place for delayed reciprocity to evolve? One crucial component is a memory that enables individuals to recognize each other and remember past behaviour. Such a memory is, however, only of value in situations where individuals interact on a regular basis, that is, in social, group-living species like ours. For most of human history people lived together in small groups: exactly the conditions that would enable delayed reciprocity to evolve. A little help from you now (a cost to you) will benefit me a lot. The return of that help when you are in similar need will benefit you a lot. Yoga moves 2016.

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