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Yoga moves and names on In yoga, some kinds more than others, we often encounter the use of mantras, chants that are deemed to have specific effects both psychological and physical that derive from the nature of the particular sounds being employed. Mantras can have these effects because the universe is believed to be structured in terms of the kinds of correspondences outlined above. This is why Westerners often have difficulty in understanding how mantras work. The dominant Western view is that the relationship between words and things is essentially arbitrary: that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet is how Shakespeare put it in Romeo and Juliet. These, then, are some of the presuppositions that lie behind many yogic teachings and practices. They are rarely stated explicitly, a fact that can sometimes cause puzzlement among Western students of yoga. There are others, some of which you, the readers, may be able to identify for yourselves. Yoga moves and names 2016.

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