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Yoga move on 5 The most mentally healthy actually display a positive talent for self-deception, particularly in terms of flattering perceptions of the self, illusions about the extent of their control over their lives and an unrealistic optimism about the future. This is not to say that the healthy fail to perceive things accurately, for they are quite good at perceiving the nature of both physical and social situations. Rather, it is to note that such perceptions are far less salient for them than for depressives. In other words, the healthiest people seem to be able to operate accurate and illusory conceptions of the world in parallel. The reason why this ability helps to promote mental health is, according to John Schumaker, that the generally accurate perception of reality made available to us by our developed cognitive abilities (for example, the recognition of the inevitability of death) can be debilitating. Human beings require, therefore, something to counterbalance the sense of powerlessness, meaninglessness and futility that an accurate understanding of our existence can generate. This something, suggests Schumaker, is our capacity for reality distortion. Yoga move 2016.

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