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Yoga move names on Only by attaching itself to that world could the purusa manipulate it. But attachment to and involvement with the world is bondage, which is what the yoga system is trying to eliminate. Hence if omnipotence implies bondage then the lsvara is not omnipotent and neither is the liberated purusa. The lsvara cannot be omnipotent because he has never been bound; neither can the liberated purusa because he is liberated. Furthermore, a plurality of omnipotent beings is logically absurd, for imagine what would happen if they tried to engage in antagonistic activities. Thus, the most logically consistent interpretation of the place of lsvara is likely to be more akin to Eliade s view than that of Vyasa or Vacaspatimisra. The lsvara of the Yoga Sutras is probably closer in conception to the Jain ford-maker (tirthankara) than the omnipotent, omniscient god of the Gita. Yoga move names 2016.

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