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Yoga method on Likewise, festivals such as Divali were used to promote a common Hindu identity, whilst others, such as Holi, acted as pressure valves that provided periodic release from the pervasive strait-jacket of dharma. No longer did people have to be called to accept the dharma of the sastras; that was a given. Accordingly, the character of religion began to change. The Krsna of the Bhagavad Gita remains a revered figure, but attention and celebration shift to the exploits of his younger years when he, and by implication those who celebrate those events, were free, momentarily, from what Hein calls the structure of steel that was brahmanical dharma. The pursuit of release from rebirth also received increased regulation. Although some dharma texts, such as the Yajnavalkya Smrti, allowed the transition from studentship to renunciation missing out on householdership and forest dwelling as had been advocated by Buddhists and Jains, the dominant view was expressed by Manu: renunciation is to be undertaken only after one s social obligations have been fulfilled. Zimmer quotes a story from the Markandeya Purana that is as fine a piece of religious propaganda as I have encountered anywhere. Yoga method 2016.

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