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Yoga meditations on The other group, the Vedagalai, led by Venkatanatha, stressed the importance of the Prasthanatraya and argued that salvation resulted from a combination of God s grace and human effort. Tengalais described this through the analogy of a mother monkey and her baby: the mother carries the baby on her back, but the baby has to hold on or it will fall off. Eventually, brahmanical social regulations won the day and the Vedagalai view became dominant. From the twelfth century onwards it became customary for the Sri Vaisnava teachers to write commentaries on the Prasthanatraya, a practice that was adopted by nearly all Vaisnava sects. Indeed, all of the four main Vaisnava sects are founded on this principle. Vaisnava Sects 1. The Sri sampradaya (tradition) of Ramanuja (visistadvaita qualified non-dualism). Yoga meditations 2016.

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