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Yoga meditation on Without them we would not recognize ourselves. There are, of course, many other adaptations that contribute to our natures and a detailed account of that nature would embrace all of them. 1. Theory of Mind (ToM) is an ability to be aware of and have a theory about, the thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions of other individuals.60 Without ToM our understanding of how language works is impaired (those lacking it cannot understand jokes, for example).61 It is also required for imitation, empathy and decep-tion,62 and seems to underpin much of our imaginative and creative thought processes. As Dunbar argues, ToM involves the ability to step back from one s personal experience and imagine that the world could be other than it is 63 Without theory of mind indeed, without the higher orders of theory of mind literature and much of everyday social intercourse would be impossible. Yoga meditation 2016.

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