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Yoga meditation pose on That status is reserved for what most commentators on the Gita call bhakti yoga\ the discipline of devotion, though Krsna does not employ this term him-self.12 Indeed, my reading of the text is that bhakti is meant to complement karma yoga rather than being an alternative to it. So Krsna says in 9.27-28, Whatever thou doest, whatever thou eatest, Whatever thou offerest in oblation or givest, Whatever austerity thou performest, son of Kunti, That do as an offering to Me. Thus from what have good and evil fruits Thou shalt be freed, (namely) from the bonds of action; Thy soul disciplined in the discipline of renunciation (samnyasa yoga), Freed, thou shalt go to Me. This, I take it, refers to actions performed within the sphere of one^s own duty. Although Krsna does not comment on the matter, it would be perverse to think, in the light of his emphasis on the importance of remaining within the sphere of one^s allocated duty, that actions performed outside of this sphere would be acceptable. Yoga meditation pose 2016.

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