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Yoga meditation ohm for Flowers in a flat-topped panicle, actinomorphic, small, cream to maroon, perianth tube cylindrical, mm long, tepals subequal, mm long, strongly fragrant, Lapeirousia falcata Lapeirousia jacquinii Lapeirousia micrantha Lapeirousia montana Lapeirousia neglecta Lapeirousia plicata stamens mostly unilateral. Flowering October-November, only after fire. Rocky sandstone soils in fynbos, NW, SW, LB Gifberg to Riversdale. Lapeirousia montana Klatt Plants cm high, stemless corm tunics brown, with thickened margins. Leaves linear-falcate, mm wide, ribbed. Flowers in a basal rosette, actinomorphic, pale blue to whitish, often with darker blue markings, narcissus scented, perianth tube cylindrical, c. mm long, tepals subequal, c. Yoga meditation ohm photos, Yoga meditation ohm 2016.

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