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The Still Face❠and Dyadic Disequilibrium

To study the alternation of the phases of mismatch and repair, Ed Tronick creates an experimental situation called the still-face paradigm,❠taken up by several psychologists. in yoga poses these experimental situations, he films a situation that follows this sequence:

1. A mother plays with her child for ten minutes.

2. A bell rings informing the mother that she must abruptly become immobile, not speak, and especially keep her face completely still for the next two minutes. She can still look at the child. in yoga poses general, this period is difficult for both the mother and the child. The latter often expresses violent utter confusion. The mother may stop the exercise if the reactions of the child become unbearable for her.

3. A second bell informs the mother that she can now behave as she wants and continue to play. Most of the time, the mother begins by consoling the child and initiates a phase of repair that quickly permits the dyad to return to their play. The phase of repair is a reciprocal accommodation that activates encouraging and stimulating expressions of affection.

The following is an example of the kind of disruption observed during the phase of the immobile face.

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