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Yoga meditation mantras for It was anomalous in Massonia in its small bracts, yellowish flowers, and longitudinally striate leaves. Although Massonia is most often found on stony clay or dolerite flats, some species grow equally or solely on more sandy soils. In an effective mode of seed dispersal, the peduncles and pedicels elongate to lift the more or less three-winged, papery capsules and their dry, sail-like bracts above the drying leaves, where they form a light, balloon-like ball, which is easily detached and blown away by the wind, dispersing seeds along its path. Most of the species of Massonia are not highly specialized for pollination, and the pleasantly fragrant flowers of the long-tubed species are visited by honeybees, also butterflies, in search of the nectar held in the bottom of the elongate floral tubes. Massonia depressa, with its broad perianth tube, copious nectar, and a faint yeasty scent, has a much more unusual pollination biology. It is specialized for pollination by rodents, a strategy developed among various Proteaceae but otherwise unknown among geophytes. All species of Massonia are amenable to pot culture. Yoga meditation mantras photos, Yoga meditation mantras 2016.

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