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Yoga meditation lounge for Widespread in the winter-rainfall region of southern Africa, extending from southern Namibia to the Agulhas Peninsula, in sheltered shady places sp. The distinctive Melasphaerula, with but a single species, has an unusual combination of characteristics woody corm tunics, a short-tubed bilabiate flower with short filiform style branches, and winged capsules. Its closest relatives are not clear, but on the basis of its woody corm tunics and soft-textured bracts, Melasphaerula is regarded as most closely related to Geissorhiza and Hesperantha. It is widespread in sheltered, damp situations among rocks or on the edge of scrub. The flowers are probably pollinated by small flies attracted by the sour, musk-like odor. A much undervalued species, Melasphaerula ramosa is barely known in horticulture. Each plant produces numerous flowers in a loose, graceful arrangement on delicate, much branched stems. Yoga meditation lounge photos, Yoga meditation lounge 2016.

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