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Yoga meditation houston for mm long. Flowering September-October. Rocky sandstone slopes in fynbos, NW Piketberg to Porter ville Mountains. Moraea calcicola Goldblatt Plants cm high, stem velvety corm tunics of brown, netted fibers. Leaf single, linear, channeled, trailing above, hairy on the outer surface. Flowers enclosed in brown-tipped, attenuate spathes, mauve to purple, the outer tepals with dark blue nectar guides, tepals unequal, the outer larger, mm long, the limbs spreading, inner tepals tricuspidate with a long, straight central cusp, filaments united, the tips free, anthers red, appressed to broad style branches, crests broad, to mm long. Flowering August-September. Yoga meditation houston photos, Yoga meditation houston 2016.

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