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Yoga meditation documentary for Moraea lewisiae Goldblatt Goldblatt Plants cm high, stem with sessile lateral flower clusters corm with wiry tunics. Leaves two or three, sometimes single, linear, channeled and trailing above, or flat and somewhat twisted. Flowers enclosed by green, attenuate spathes, yellow, speckled with black in the center, fragrant, tepals mm long, style with six fili- Moraea longiaristata form arms extending between the filaments. Flowering October-December. Various soils and habitats, mostly dry sites, RV, NW, SW, KM, LB, SE Namaqualand to Humansdorp. Two subspecies are recognized subspecies secunda Goldblatt with capsules oblong to ellipsoid, outer tepals mm long, stony slopes and flats, RV, NW Namaqualand to Bokkeveld Mountains, and subspecies lewisiae with capsules cylindrical or nearly so, outer tepals mm long, dry sandstone and clay slopes, NW, S W, KM, LB, SE Clanwilliam to Humansdorp. Moraea liladna Goldblatt & J. Yoga meditation documentary photos, Yoga meditation documentary 2016.

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