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However, the Shaman was not only a specialist central to power and society, but could also be the opposite: a marginalised person or group. So within the cultural field of the Shaman, there is an opposite polarity to the centralised moralistic function: namely the peripheral cult. So a Shaman could, according to conditions, move between the centre and the periphery of the tribe having very different functions. Later we shall see that this process also often applies to the yoga adept.

Often the marginalised and peripheral Shaman was recruited from oppressed or poorly performing (economically or socially) groups in order to help them out. Other examples show us, according to Lewis, that when the whole society was under stress – ecological, economical or political – then the Shaman could move from the periphery of society to become a central and leading function in fighting evil. In becoming possessed by spirits the Shamans could in this way regain status and importance. Often they were simultaneously feared and detested by their society. I will return many times to this tension within the cultural field of the Shaman -itself depending on internal and external conflicts – between central and peripheral (marginal) functions.

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