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A This is the completed lift”

Note the contrast between the contraction❠of Fig. 2 and the “lift” of this position It is very important to understand that this lift can be accomplished successfully only if all air is first exhaled from the lungs and no air is allowed to enter while the lift is being performed

Therefore, it is the patient practice of this deep exhalation and then the lifting movements that is


Now exhale deeply so that all air is emptied from your lungs

Keep the breath out and attempt to I ift the abdomen as depicted

Hold whatever lift you have executed for a few moments; then inhale and relax

We can further describe this lifting movement as a sucking in” of the abdomen inward and upward Imagine that you are attempting to breathe very deeply from the abdominal area

No air actually enters your lungs but the abdominal area goes through the motions of this deep breath during which it is sucked inward and upward

Now exhale deeply, empty the lungs and attempt the lift again

C Keep the breath out and attempt to snap” the abdomen out with a forceful push of the muscles

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