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Yoga meditation beads for Flowers enclosed in green, attenuate spathes, yellow or salmon, the outer tepals with yellow nectar guides, outer tepals larger, c. mm long, both inner and outer tepal limbs spreading, filaments united near the base, anthers appressed to broad style branches, style crests lanceolate, to mm long. Flowering August-October. Mostly sandstone soils, sometimes granite or clay, in renosterveld and transitional fynbos, to m, NW, SW Cedarberg Mountains to Bredasdorp. Moraea patens Goldblatt Goldblatt Plants cm high, stern flexed sharply outward above the leaf sheath corm tunics of wiry, black fibers. Leaf single, channeled, trailing above. Flowers enclosed in green, attenuate spathes, yellow or salmon pink, tepals subequal, mm long, claws ascending, forming a short cup, filaments united in a slender column, anthers appressed to narrow, weakly diverging style branches, crests c. Yoga meditation beads photos, Yoga meditation beads 2016.

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