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Yoga meditation audio for Flowers enclosed in green, attenuate spathes, yellow, strongly fragrant, tepals subequal, mm long, spreading, style with six filiform arms extending between the filaments. Flowering October- November. Along streams and rivers in rocky sandstone, NW Clan william to Tulbagh. Moraea serpentina Baker Plants cm high, branching mainly from the base corm tunics of wiry, blackish fibers. Leaves mostly two to four, linear, twisted or coiled, the margins often rolled inward. Flowers enclosed in green to dry, attenuate spathes, white and yellow, often flushed violet, tepals unequal, the outer larger, mm long, the limbs laxly reflexed, inner tepals erect, spathulate, filaments united in the lower half, anthers appressed to narrow style branches, crests lanceolate, mm long. Flowering September-October. Yoga meditation audio photos, Yoga meditation audio 2016.

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