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Yoga mat bag for Beyond a lack of funding, activists are also hindered by how disability is viewed. Disability is generally a Western concept, and in many regions sub-Saharan Africa, for example there is no unifying concept outside of individual diagnostic words such as deaf or blind. Often, religious and moral explanations are sought to explain and deal with disability. This, coupled with the poor economic circumstances of the region and the presence of such other pressing issues as disease and famine, has made it difficult for the disabled in Africa to come together as a movement and to persuade others that the disabled form a distinct group with special needs. As a consequence of these obstacles, most of the activism on behalf of disabled Africans is performed by groups like the World Health Organization and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO. African disability activists include Zimbabwe’s Joshua Malinga, but as a whole the disability rights and human rights movements in Africa are generally the youngest in the global arena, so they have had relatively little success in comparison with their counterparts elsewhere. Given the importance of spreading knowledge about disability and its social impact, the Global Disability Rights Library GDRL can have a strong impact on the growth of disability rights movements and legislation in developing countries in the next few decades. Yoga mat bag photos, Yoga mat bag 2016.

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