Yoga Mantra

Yoga Mantra

Mantra is very powerful for changing the way in which we think by unloading subconscious and unconscious impressions in the mind. These impressions are what create karma in life. They are what keep people from Self-realisation and understanding the ultimate nature of reality. The key to perceiving life as it is as opposed to what we think it is (aka perception) lies in a combination of connecting to our core sacred self and also in eliminating the impressions stored in the mind. Thankfully this is a simultaneous process. The closer one gets to their own core Self, a universal consciousness that is both external and internal, the more these impressions of the nund get released into this infinite flow of consciousness.

Mantra is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to tap into this infinite, unlimited consciousness that we sometimes call God or Self. Mantric vibration releases stored impressions by helping people tap into pieces of their unlimited potential. Mantra functions similarly to a drug, except it is a mind altering substance that won’t get your arrested, inebriated or cover up who you are; it brings who you are closer to the surface for expression. Ask anyone who participates in kirtan regularly or someone with a consistent daily mantra practice what their experiences are.

Mantra helps us tune into a specific vibration to make it our reality. Think string theory. When mantra is chanted consistently with proper focus and intention, it will lead to changes in life. Anything the outer world is a reflection of our inner reality. Consistency in practice is the key. How we act depends on our habits, how we think and how we perceive the world. Mantra works directly to change perceptions by opening an individual up to a broader.

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It’s important to work with a mantra that resonates with a person’s unique dreams and desires. The more pieces of ourselves we are able to expand and connect with higher consciousness, the more whole and complete we become. Dreams are a part of us; they form a subtle fabric of existence that guides us on the deepest level of being By tapping into a greater awareness of these things in life that bring happiness, we can learn to become more compassionate empowerment; being able to bring to life that which makes your heart sing! The more pieces of us we awaken into living presences, the more we are able to find joy in life and spread this joy to others.

Remember, mantra is a tool for empowerment, but is not the source of empowerment itself. Don’t get so identified with the tool that the goal becomes lost. Know your dreams and heartfelt desires and try out a mantra practice. It will lead to greater clarity and confidence in your goals and dreams by eliminating thoughts and feelings which are not in your highest interest. Don’t take my word for it! Try it for yourself for a few weeks consistently. You have nothing to lose and a whole spectrum of possibility to gain!

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