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The term dynamic refers to the unfolding of a mechanism in time. A dynamic analysis of respiration is based principally on the observation of the following two dimensions:26

1. The temporal unfolding of each element distinguished by a topographic model of respiration. Thus, certain individuals inhale first with the abdomen and others first with the thorax. Some have a longer apnea I than an apnea II.

2. The way each phase is coordinated with the next one. Let us take as an example an exercise in which one asks a patient with no experience in breathing techniques to exhale slowly and deeply. Typically, this person will not succeed in exhaling harmoniously from the top to the bottom There is often a kind of awkward jump that occurs at the level of the diaphragm that tells the therapist that his patient holds tension in his diaphragm. Most techniques encourage people to harmonize how body segments participate in a respiratory pattern. For example, one can ask a person if he can breathe out deeply in such a way that the body movements form a wave that gradually spreads from the throat to the pelvis.

It is useful for this kind of analysis, and especially for the observation of the diaphragm, to distinguish

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