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Does not obtain a specific effect from any or all causes. Thus the monadic being is restricted as a rule by the merit or demerit which is the result of deeds performed by him of his own volition. This is called niyati kaficuka the sheath of limited causality. In the same way, the expression fully occuring in the verse signifies the experience of incompleteness causing the experience of attachment in the monadic purusa1 in the form of such notions as all this is for my use, I may become all this, and I was never all this. This experience of attachment is what constitutes the rtlga sheath.

However, the feeling of attachment towards an object, such as towards a woman after dismissing the claims of others towards her, is a quality of the buddlti intellect and is not fttga kancuka. This is because the rliga tattva stands for the desire for possessing all, and not a particular object, as is the case with the woman in our example. The expression I know in the verse means the knowing by the monadic purusa of some object, like a jar, etc., that exists before him, and not some object that lies at some distance or hidden behind something. This is called vidya kaiicuka.

It is mentioned as avidya in the verses to distinguish it limited knowledge from the Buddha vidya, and not to indicate the absence of the knowledge element in it. These five kaficukas2 that along with maya, cover fettered beings cause the perception of differentiation. The husk existing on a grain of rice, though existing separately, appears inseparable from the grain. But the fettered being, who similarly seems attached to his fetters attains purity by turning towards Siva through Yoga and treading on his path. The husk, though in reality separate from the grain of rice, is seen as inseparable from it.

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