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The relations between the dimensions and the global regulation system of the organism. The global organismic regulation mechanisms connect the dimensions of the organism (metabolism, body, behavior, and psyche). They organize the communication between dimensions and are organized by these dimensions. The relations between dimensions are thus mainly indirect. Affective dynamics (instincts, drives, moods, emotions, etc.) are rooted in the organismic regulation system.

1. Body and gravity: The postural dynamics of the body28 regulate the relationship between the organism and the gravity field. Standing on one’s head or on one’s feet creates different relations between gravity and blood circulation, gravity and respiration, and so on. The study of the body dimension includes the analysis of how the segments of the body coordinate within the Earth’s gravity field. This activity necessitates particular organizations of the musculature and the skeleton, for example. Their dynamics are central aspects of the theories used by orthopedists, physical therapists, athletes, dancers, gymnasts, and in some methods of relaxation.

2. Metabolic regulation: The physiological variables of the organism’s fluids (the internal milieu) must vary according to certain strict constraints to permit the cells of the organism to live and communicate. These variables are regulated by the mechanisms situated at the level of the organs and tissues (mostly kidneys, lungs, and bowels).29 These phenomena are mostly studied in biological and medical laboratories.

3. Behavior and interaction: Behavior allows an organism to interact with the objects and the organisms in its environment in present time. This dimension is especially studied by ethologists, psychologists, behaviorists, and in research on nonverbal communication.

4. The psyche and social integration: The psyche is the dimension that allows an organism to insert itself in social rituals and social institutions. This form of adaptation requires the capacity to use various forms of communication media, such as tools, writing, means of transportation, cinema, and so on.30

Let us now consider each dimension in more detail.


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