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Thus purusa is one fettered by a group of six tattvas. The bodha the self-aware pure consciousness or Siva, assumes monadic form under the influence of maya. His two powers, knowledge jniJna and action kriytt, upon becoming contracted under the influence of maya, assume the forms called vidya limited knowledge and kala limited agency, respectively, sheathing the self-limited fettered being. Just as a king, after taking away everything from his subjects, gives them some money out of his kindness so that they might survive, so the bodha, after having assumed monadic form and becoming deprived of his omniscience, is then given the powers of limited knowledge and limited agency. In this verse the connection of kala time with knowledge is shown due to the importance of knowledge to monadic beings.

These six sheaths kaiicukas including the maya, referred to above, are the sheaths that veil the monadic purusa, who is deprived of the divine powers such as omniscience, etc., by the anava mala, which is regarded as the innermost defilement, like an impurity in gold. It may be asked what is the nature of the five sheaths? The reply is given in the above by the phrase Now I know by which thought the monadic subject experiences present time; with the thoughts I knew it before and I shall know this in the future the monadic subject relates all his knowledge to kala time in the form of present, past, and future. With respect to action with the thoughts I do, I did it before, I shall do this in the future, he also relates his action to kala time. This is called the kala kaiicuka sheath in the form of time.

Similarly upon being veiled by the sheath of limited agency he is capable of doing not everything but only something. For example, while the monadic being is incapable of doing everything, he may be capable of making a pot, but not cloth, etc. This sheath is called kala kancuka. The expression only this used in the verse means that from a specific cause he the monadic purusa obtains only a specific effect. For example, he obtains smoke from fire and heaven from the performance of the aivamedha sacrifice, etc.

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